Business start ups

Starting a new business venture can be hard. We know because we have done it.

We specialise in assisting new start up businesses:

  • Is it right for you?
  • What is the best structure? (sole trader, partnership, limited company or LLP)
  • Incorporation
  • Preparing business plans / forecasts
  • Raising finance
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Tax and VAT advice
  • Informing the relevant authorities
  • Setting up VAT, PAYE and CIS schemes
  • What accounting systems should you use?
  • What non-financial procedures do you need to implement?
  • Monitoring performance

We can guide you through all of the above and more.

We know that cash can be tight at the start so we do not take an upfront payment and we offer new businesses the facility to pay our fees by regular standing order.

If you are considering starting up on your own, please get in touch at the earliest opportunity, even if you are thinking of starting out on a very small scale initially, as it is always easier and less costly to provide the correct advice from the start than to undo mistakes.

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